System Design Workshop - Questions

Excellent workshop on System Design! Loved it!

Had a few questions:

You mention in the video, midway that you’ll discuss how to convert Time Complexity to QRS, but I couldn’t find that part in the recording. Is there another recording/resource that I could learn this from?

For instance: I didn’t understand this slide:

  • Does it mean that if your algo is O(N**3), it translates to 1 QPS (and does this not depend on how big the query is, say like in your e.g if I am querying for a bigger .mp3 file, will this change)
  • What do those numbers mean? ( 1 sec, 200 ms, 20 ms, are those like average runtimes on a sample test case you ran?)
  • In this particular case, why is Max capability 50QPS? Shouldn’t it be 5QPS since it’s O(N**2)?
  1. I loved the app that you are using to mirror your IPad to your Mac, could you tell me which one you are using?

Hi Ambareesh!

Here is another recording :slight_smile:

There are also a few other System Design Videos following this one:
2. Design Whatsapp User System
3. Design TinyURL
4. Design Uber
5. Deisng Wechat Server

The mirror app is called Reflector 3 !

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Thank you!