Software engineer interview prep

I’m really struggling with a LeetCode question. I want to make sure that I can solve it perfectly before I move onto another question. What should I do?

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After your first attempt, read the solution and compare it to your own. Identify where you got stuck and do your best to understand any mistakes that you may have made. You can then go back to the question a few days later and attempt to solve it again.

There is a better chance that you will retain the information if you practice the question over the course of a few days, rather than attempt to solve the problem multiple times in one sitting.

I found this originally on LC, but have since expanded it/added new questions.

I feel like whats missing on LC is the ability to organize questions by fundamentals, and you end up just getting burnt out jumping from one difficult problem to another without recognizing the fundamental patterns(the most crucial part).

Hopefully this helps you as much as it helped me!