Should I switch within 2 weeks of joining a company?

I joined a company a week ago in Redwood City, California. I just got a call from Microsoft, Redmond for onsite next week. If I tell them that I have just started working in a company but still interested in interviewing with Microsoft, would that go against me?

Why would you mention that you started working? You gain nothing by volunteering that information; you already have the onsite.


In the future, unless they explicitly ask, I don’t think that you need to share that kind of information as it does you no good and makes you seem like you don’t stay at companies that long. Although this may be an outlier, it just makes you look bad. But yeah if you tell them you just joined a company, it may/may not end well. Also if you get into specifics, they will probably wonder why you didn’t tell them before as it wastes their resources if they choose to change their minds.

I talked to a couple of employees from Microsoft and they said my position requires background check and telling about it won’t be a problem for onsite. They advised me to tell about my current position although I have not told yet.

You can tell about your current position and your responsibilities. Most people who are job searching are working! If they ask why this position wasn’t on the resume you applied with, you can be honest and say that you had applied with an out-of-date resume. People do that all the time.

A background check typically doesn’t turn up employment history unless you’ve contributed to a 401K and they run a credit check on you.

Yes, I think that too. I had applied to Microsoft in July and I got the offer letter from my current company in August. That will explain everything.

I agree with @jkarimi91 here. This is not something that’s relevant at the moment, so you probably shouldn’t proactively bring it up. Most companies do background checks, and they’re pretty simple, and for a large company like Microsoft, it’s normally outsourced to a 3rd party in any case, and the manager of your team mostly just cares about you passing the background check (like you didn’t lie about felonies, or things like that). If it naturally comes up, then of course just explain the situation, that you applied to a bunch of places, got a great offer and accepted right away, but then started heard back from more companies (like Microsoft) for onsites. For the future, whenever you get, or are about to get, an offer, definitely utilize that time to inform all other companies immediately that you have an upcoming deadline and push for accelerating your processes if possible (you might have tried this too, and sometimes companies are just slow unfortunately). Best of luck with Microsoft!

A note regarding background checks: They will not be able to find out that you’re currently working at a company unless you explicitly put it down in the background check or you put it on your resume. The only things they can find out without you putting information down are criminal/credit checks which are generally tied to your DOB and SSN.

Regardless companies generally don’t care if you’re currently working at another company, even if it’s only been a few weeks, especially once you’ve made it to the onsite. They might care more at the introduction stage but at this point they are invested in you as a candidate. Best of luck!

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