Sending an email of thank you for meeting and asking for feedback

I had my video interview yesterday and so I was about to send a thank you email but I got rejected the next morning. Is there a way to send an email of thank you but also asking for feedback? Like maybe this:

Good morning Monica and Suzanne,

Thank you for taking the time to set up my interview with Justin Johnson to speak with me yesterday about the product designer position at Rally Health. It was a pleasure talking with him, and I really enjoyed hearing all the details about the opportunity of working with the design team.

The information he shared about working with other designer to help make a difference in health care sounded particularly interesting to me.

*If possible, I’d love some feedback about my interview skills and overall qualifications. I’m always looking for ways I can improve, and I would really value your insight as I continue my job search. *

Thank you again, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,

Hey there!

The email template is great!
Though I wouldn’t set my expectation to be high, because recruiters usually don’t share interview results. Because the wording could be tricky, and they generally don’t want to get into trouble discussing about it.