Requesting information about next interview for preparation?

How do you ask a requiter in an email about what the next interview will be like? I have a video interview with a Creative Director but not sure what we will be discussing.

I would say something like,
“Hello [recruiter], I’m very excited to be moving forward in the interview process, and I feel my experience with X will be a great fit for [company]. Could you tell me a little more about my interview with [Creative Director’s name], such as what aspects of my experience and technical background we will be discussing? Thank you!”

If the company is small enough, you should be able to do some research and find the name of the creative director you will be interviewing with, if you have not already been provided with their name. If you cannot find that information, ask for it, and then look them up to get some information on them (you can use LinkedIn, news releases, etc.), and the information you find can give you some common ground during the interview (if you have shared hobbies, went to the same school, etc).

@Alysa Thank you this helps a lot! It’s actually with a pretty big company, they are called Rally Health.

Exciting @hsalfrank, good luck!