Prompt: Redesign the ATM

Used By: Amazon, Google


I made one today! Would love some feedback :slight_smile:


@hsalfrank Heather this is adorable, great animations on the squid! Would love to see more about your process as well - the questions you asked yourself, early sketches, etc.

@hsalfrank Also I have to give you extra kudos for being the very first fellow to post a design challenge solution. :sunglasses:

@hsalfrank I really like your Squid Design, it’s so cute! The one question I would have, is that if this is an ATM for kids, I feel like this part might be confusing for them, because they may not understand what the words (like Balance) mean.


That’s likely a question an interviewer would bring up, so having an answer or solution to that would be ideal.

Great job!

@brian I had the same thought about this part as well. I think this would be where the trick question comes in. How does one find key words that a child would understand. So in this child ATM I would probably change this to only two key use of the ATM; Get money or save money. The Balance and Transfer probably will not be useful for a child but like a piggy bank a child does know to collect money or save money. Thoughts?

@imani Sorry for late response and thank you for the kudos! I actually really liked this challenge and wanted to give it a try. After looking through the UI i came up with I started taking in 2nd thoughts about my choices. In the beginning I started taking notes on what does an ATM have, what are the audiences (more detail about kids ages and use of an atm), then I started sketching. I thought to myself I wanted this ATM to be easy but fun to look at. Then I remember seeing an animation someone did about a big foot guiding you though creating an account. I thought this would be a good idea to help a child use an ATM. I went for a squid because mainly the eye ball and the arms guiding the user. The thing I want to go back to changing now is only giving the user two options instead of 4. As i discussed with @brian I think the two main uses of an ATM by a child is collecting money and saving it. Think of it as a piggy bank, the child knows to insert money in the piggy bank and to collect they pull from the bottom. The next thing to think about is the right wording because Brian is also right about this, a child would have a hard time understanding the word balance. So what would be a good wording to represent 2 sections? Get Money and Save Money?

@hsalfrank thanks for explaining your process more in depth! It sounds like you began by asking yourself many important questions about who the user is and what their needs might be. One consideration you’ve already identified is in the language change - I agree with @brian that the initial language might confuse young users. They might not need “Transfer at all,” to be honest, and perhaps the balance could display in a fun way on first screen without the child having to tap a button.

A second point, kids need a little more encouragement on the deposit screen. They’ll feel like they’re giving their money away and never getting it back! Consider how you might a) explain to them the benefits/rewards of saving and b) make deposits an extra delightful experience.

One last point you might consider with a challenge like this is that the cash amounts would likely be very different for kids. Multiples of $20 going up to $100 is probably excessive for a younger audience’s needs.

Overall great effort! I hope to see you participate in next week’s challenge!

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