Product manager interview question: Suggest a feature

If an interviewer asks me to suggest a feature, what do I say?

You might be tempted to suggest the first feature that comes to mind, or one that you have been thinking about for your own projects. However, you need to convince your interviewer that your suggested feature will improve their product. To do so, you should ask confirmation questions. If you were interviewing at Facebook, you might ask, “Is maintaining high user engagement important for your current strategy?” or “Is a feature that increases user engagement something that you are looking for?” If the interviewer identifies your question as one of the team’s goals, then you are free to suggest a feature that would address that problem.

Some companies may be looking for a consideration of the users’ demographics, including age, gender, and environment. Does the feature speak to their target audience? Does the feature work on the mobile app?

For big tech companies, as well as for small startups, you want to think about how you would monetize that feature. If the app uses a subscription-based model, how would the feature increase subscribers? If the company depends on advertising to generate profits, how would the feature encourage people to click on ads? Why would the feature encourage other companies to advertise on your platform?

You can use this question to demonstrate an understanding of your user, as well as your stakeholders.