PMP Certification?

Does anyone here have a PMP cert and/or recommend getting one? Yes/No and why or why not would be helpful :slight_smile: I’ve heard PMP can be a helpful certification and doesn’t have a downside as far as I’m aware, but I don’t know how much if any upside it brings when applying for roles.

I have one. There are no upsides when applying to roles, nobody has seemed at all impressed or cared that I had the certification. Downsides are some positions may require it, but most of these actually require that you obtain the certification within 6 months of hire. Another downside is that it’s a very expensive and difficult certification to obtain (the exam is hard), and you don’t qualify to sit for the exam unless you already have at least several years of experience in project management.

The PMP is really a better certification for leveraging raises and promotions once you are already in a position. In terms of getting hired, it’s not helpful at all. I focused on getting my PMP certification when my layoff was approaching, and I really feel like I was shooting myself in the foot now that it’s six months later and I’m still unemployed.

It seems the market is saturated with PMP certifications. In job search mode, your time is better spent distinguishing yourself in unique ways. Also: your new employer will pay for your PMP courses and exam once they hire you! You’ll save a few thousand dollars not paying for it yourself.