My LinkedIn Headline

I personally think with networking, in terms of using it to find a job, the mileage from one individual to another will always vary.

Anyway, Friday last week, I decided to change my LinkedIn headline because I want to be a lot more approachable and show up in the searches recruiters make.

Instead of this headline:
[LinkedIn Open Networker; Let’s connect!] Full-Stack Web Developer, NLP, QA, Mixed Reality - Looking for grad jobs! #ONO

I decided to change it to this:
[LION] Software Developer | Full-Stack | Web | Java | Retained 45M Monthly Views | I Help Companies Build Web Solutions

I basically followed the advice of Austin Belcak on LinkedIn, who also pointed out a tactic that one of my previous advisors actually like, described here:

What do you think of my new headline? Personally, I find it to be a lot more catchy than the one I had before.

Good idea, Greg!

In general, for LinkedIn bios, we recommend:

  1. What you are studying or what you just studied
  2. What types of roles you are looking for
  3. What your passions are

Here is an example:

Finishing my B.S. in Computer Science in May 2019 at the University of X, looking for software engineering positions to combine my interest in machine learning with my love of making a difference.

I like that you included quantification - 45m monthly views - but you did not explain what received those views, so I would recommend you make that a little more clear. You also don’t mention that you are currently job-seeking, which is important so that recruiters can understand that you are looking for roles right now. I would recommend adding that back in.

Otherwise, looks very clean and professional! Nice job.