[LIVE] Resources and strategies for job-searching during COVID-19

Note: We’re consistently updating this page. Last Update: June 7, 2020

We know right now may seem like a challenging time in your job search. But more now than ever, this is an opportunity to get ahead of the normal job seeker by leveraging Pathrise resources and data.

This post contains the Pathrise team’s most up-to-date recommendations on job searching during COVID-19. We even have a couple of articles just for you new graduates - see at the end of the post.

Please work with your mentor to discuss how to further leverage these recommendations in your job pipeline strategy:

Things NOT to do (unless explicitly overridden by your mentor’s recommendation)

  1. Stop your pipeline: While the number of opportunities in tech has decreased, we still have fellows getting interviews and offers. It’s important to even be more thoughtful about how to add to your job pipeline.
  2. Reduce your flexibility: While it’s still important to prioritize applications that are stronger fits, it’s better to diversify the job titles and companies you are open to vs. narrowing down. For example, if there’s a strong signal the company is hiring but it’s not in your preferred location, you should increase your flexibility and apply for it vs. eliminating it.

Recommended Pipeline Strategies

  1. Attend Weekly Job-a-thons: We are hosting a job-a-thons every Tuesday at 5-6PM PT where we are sourcing a list of high-value jobs.
  2. Find and apply for positions under Active Opportunities: We’ve curated a list of external resources that have strong evidence that the company is hiring for that role.
  3. Apply for opportunities on our Hiring Partner Portal: We’re building partnerships every week where you’ll get a prioritized review when you apply for a position. Make sure to fill out the general application first!.
  4. Prioritize recent jobs (7 days or less): Jobs that are posted recently have stronger signal that the company is still hiring for that role.
  5. Target industries that are getting more demand: Some industries are actually increasing in demand and are a great opportunity to target. These include E-commerce, Gaming, Delivery Services, Online Education, and Meal Prep or Delivery Companies (ie Blue Apron, DoorDash, Amazon).
  6. Implement a Boolean/X-Ray search: to locate more applications to keep your pipeline full. Reference Workshop 3 - Advanced Sourcing for more information or reach out to your Career Mentor.
  7. Check the Pathrise blog every week for great job search articles we’re adding during COVID.

Recommended Pipeline and Job Search Resources

Pathrise Links

Recommendations When Interviewing

Offer negotiations: While negotiating, consider whether you have reasonable backup companies and the company’s stability (ie FAANG and large business generally not impacted by economy vs more volatile retail/travel/gig economy companies). At this time, it is probably best to do a modest negotiation, if at all, depending on the circumstance (sync with your Career Mentor to navigate this).

For New Graduates