Linkedin Easy apply bot

I just found this bot online that uses selenium to log in Linkedin, search for whatever jobs you want that have the easy apply feature and applies to them.

The code is for windows and is a little bit buggy, but I just had to quickly modify it in an hour to fit my needs and OS and it worked and applied to 409 jobs for me last night.

Honestly, I think the yield is going to be almost zero because each job like this has around 300 or 400 applicants, so it’s a conversion rate of 0.3 %, but for one or 2 hours of tinkering it’s ok if I only get a few replies, maybe someone here will find it useful.


Are you getting any results?

There is a startup in NY that was looking for an NLP/Data Science profile that contacted me because I applied through the bot.


Great feedback! I should try that too!