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I wanted to make an internal transfer to another team in Goldman Sachs. I know that there are vacancies there. Would sending an email to the hiring manager of the other team be a good idea? Or should I just start with a LinkedIn message? Any advice/suggestions would be highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thank you,
Ashwin Bhandare

Hi @asbhandare !

How long have you been at Goldman Sachs? Usually trying to switch teams before 6 months is not recommended. The company puts a lot of resources into onboarding you and getting planning for you to work on your current team. Asking to switch before 6 months probably wouldn’t have the outcome you’re looking for. Especially for a big company like Goldman Sachs, there are most likely processes you need to follow to switch teams.

If you haven’t reached your 6 month mark yet, I would suggest staying on your current team and learning as much as you can there. If you have certain things you are not comfortable with on your current team, it’ll be good to bring it up with your current manager and see if those things can be resolved.

If you have been working for more than 6 months, you have a better chance of being able to switch teams, although it’s not guaranteed even if there are openings. If you have a good relationship with your current manager, I would suggest speaking to them first. You can bring it up in a 1-on-1 or ask to speak with your current manager offline. Before meeting with your current manager I would prepare a list of talking points:

  1. Why do you want to switch to this new team?
  2. Why are you a good fit for this new team?
  3. Is there something about your current team that you don’t like?

When you’re speaking with them it’s important to treat it as a discussion. You can also ask them if there are openings on the team you want to switch to, because they may know a little more than you about the current situation. It’s also good to ask about the process of switching teams just so you know for the future.

If your current manager says no for some reason, it’s important to understand that you can always try again. It could not be the right timing or you may not be at the level or have the skillset they are looking for on the new team.

In terms of contacting the other hiring team manager, I think it’s okay to grab a coffee with them to discuss opportunities. But I wouldn’t recommend doing these things behind your current manager’s back. Again, there is no guarantee that because there are openings you will be able to switch by just speaking with the hiring manager. So I would suggest speaking to your manager first and see how that goes.

Hope this helps!

Hi Isabel!!

Thank you so much for the detailed response. I am doing good at Goldman. The work is interesting and people are smart, friendly and helpful. I cannot ask for anything more. But I was thinking of transitioning from software engineering to product management and hence was wondering about making a move. I think my skills are more aligned towards product management and I can create more value to the firm being a product manager. I agree with you though. Goldman has really invested a lot in my onboarding and I should stay with my current team and learn as much as I can (and contribute as well) before making a move.

Thank you for your help once again. Really appreciate that.

Ashwin Bhandare

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