How to use the active companies under the "Resource"

There are lot of positions listed in the active companies in the platform.
May I ask if the roles on the list are updated or out-dated?
How to maximize the value of the list?
E.g. Can we get referral to the listed position?

Sometimes we can make referrals, but that’s not how that list is sourced.

That list is just a tracker of the jobs that some of the advisors update on their free time to make some opportunities easy for you to find. For referrals, it’s better to just ask your advisor about that directly or stay on alert for referrals announcements over email or this forum.

The roles are for the most part updated, though it should be easy to tell when one of them isn’t (because the link will become a dead link). There isn’t some super complex way to maximize value of the list, it’s an intermediary solution we wanted to launch to start providing value fast while we work on the full release of our internal job board behind the scenes. You can just use it as one of many resources to find jobs, alongside the other tactics you learn (like x-ray searching).

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