How to reach out to companies to meet while in the city?

Hey everyone! So I will be attending Seattle Interactive Conference in Seattle this year. I will be flying in a day early for a networking event that night so I have all day to meet with people for coffee and chat. How should I go about this and is there a target group I should reach out to specially when this is the one time I will be in the city?

Any advice will help thanks!


I would start by sharing that on LinkedIn. You can mention in the post that you’re attending the conference, and have an entire day to catch up and talk to people before that. Next step could be to search for people in your network(preferably recruiters) who you know are in Seattle, and try to setup a time to meet for coffee etc.
If there’s no one in your network who’s in Seattle, or if they’re not responsive, you can search for new folks to connect with, especially if they’re also someone who’s attending the conference, or work at a place you’re interested in!


If you have previously created informational interview templates with your advisor, a very similar template will work in this case, except with two adjustments: (i) mention you’re in town for the conference as a reason why you’re reaching out (ii) be specific in your ask by setting explicit times you are available since timing is less flexible.

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