How to decide the right role for me

I applied for a Product Lead role at a startup. During my phone screen with the founder, he asked me if I would be interested in a different role that requires a similar skillset but does not have an existing team or established roadmap. The new role would be a “mini-ceo” role that oversees a different branch of the startup. I am leaning towards the Product Lead role, as that would have more structure. The founder told me that I would be a good fit for either and asked me to choose. I want to select the one that I would interview better for. What should I do?

When you speak with the founder, I would reaffirm that you are eager to join the team first and foremost. I would then ask him if the need is greater for any one of the roles, but make sure that you express interest in both positions. I would take the role with the greatest need.

You can adapt this email template for your use:

Hi [name],

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today! I really enjoyed learning more about the company vision and the teams working to make it happen. I’m excited for the opportunity to make a difference on [company mission].

I have been thinking about the different roles you mentioned and both seem really interesting. I want to be able to provide as much value as possible to the company. Is the company in greater need of one of the roles over the other? I would be happy in either position so I want to be able to help the organization as much as possible.

Let me know what you think!

All the best,
[your name]