How to bring up past public company issues in interview?

I have an interview at a prestigious company. I am really excited about the possibility of working there, but as a woman, I am not so sure: I’ve heard that their leadership team has a history of treating women poorly. Supposedly, they have made major changes. How do I express my concerns and ask about how they are handling the situation without upsetting the interviewer?

Situations like these can be tricky and require tact. You should definitely ask about the situation when it comes time for you to ask questions at the end of the interview. My suggestion would be to make sure that it is not the first or last question that you ask. Before broaching the subject, you should ask questions that show your enthusiasm for the role. After you have established a positive rapport with your interviewer but before your final thought, thoughtfully ask about the incident or situation. A good question to start with would be about the company culture, so that you can lead into your more sensitive question.

Before your interview, though, make sure that you have done your research. Has the situation been featured online, on social media, or elsewhere? Have you fact-checked your sources? The New York Times is a much more reliable source than, say, one angry Reddit post, even if it contains a kernel of the truth.

Word your question in a positive and not accusatory way. Bring up what you heard politely and ask how the company is addressing the issue. What new resources are they providing? What structural changes are they making? If the interview responds positively to the question, that likely means that the company is making strides to improve the workplace and the company’s culture.

I don’t have a clear answer, but I figured I would share my experience since it is relevant. I definitely struggled with this when I was interviewing for my last job. My opinion is that if the company is truly committed to changing that they shouldn’t have any issue discussing this kind of topic in an interview especially when interviewing a woman. Though it does make sense that this would be an uncomfortable topic to bring up when you are very interested in the job.

When I was dealing with this same thing I was lucky that the interviewer brought the topic up and addressed it towards the end of the interview unprompted so I didn’t have to bring it up.

Agree. I work in a startup and see a lot of angry posts on glassdoor and Reddit which are not a true reflection of the company culture. so pls make sure that the source of information is reliable. If your hiring manager/ interviewer is a female one good way of bringing this up could be to ask the interviewer how has been her experience with the company so far.