How much should I emphasize role of senior team member on internship project?

When I was an intern, I helped build an app under the guidance of a senior engineer, but I needed a lot of assistance. He reviewed my work, offered me feedback, and provided suggestions every step of the way. His role was integral to the success of the project. Should I emphasize or downplay his role in the project?

Rather than downplay the senior engineer’s role, focus on your accomplishments. You should be the star in your own story! Instead of emphasizing that you needed a lot of help, draw attention to the soft skills that you developed, such as communication and teamwork. By working on a project with a senior engineer, you can demonstrate that you are a team player who is both coachable and humble.

You can also explain that you had a mentor who worked with you and taught you best practices as you built the app. You can note that you are excited to potentially mentor younger engineers when you have been working at the company for enough time.

This seems like an excellent opportunity for you to show off your teamwork skills to interviewers in my opinion.

Great ideas, thanks for the replies!