If an interviewer asks me how I would manage multiple stakeholders working on the same project, what could I say? In this scenario, multiple people are asking for changes on the same platform. Sometimes, the requests contradict each other.

You can begin by outlining the multiple layers of stakeholders. What is each stakeholder’s requirements and expectations?

Working with the organization, you need to select a point of contact. Once you identify the right stakeholder, then set boundaries. For example, you might say that you are not going to make changes to the platform without the point person’s written approval. This helps ensure that different stakeholders are aligned on the technical requirements for the platform. It also demonstrates effective communication skills.

In your answer, make sure that you convey empathy. Always acknowledge others’ needs, even if they seem unreasonable. You want to come across as someone who will not be harsh with clients. By approaching the situation with empathy, there is a better chance that you will retain the client, even if they are unreasonably frustrated with your work.