Front-end assessment resources needed

Hi everyone

I have never done a front-end web developer assessment before, but I got an assessment in JavaScript for a role at Verkada. Are there any resources out there for front-end practice something similar to leetcode? Apparently I have a 1 hr CodeSinal test to take. Should I expect a vanilla JavaScript challenge or something else ?

At minimum, you should know your way around Javascript without using libraries like JQuery. Frontend engineers are expected to know the ins and outs of vanilla Javascript. Knowing how one or two frameworks like React, Angular, etc. is a plus. Basic HTML and CSS knowledge is helpful.

I would review the resources below. They aren’t like Leetcode but they do test your understanding of different concepts and terms in Javascript.

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I feel like they would ask me to do something using vanilla JavaScript as using React to do a 1 hour assessment doesn’t sound like a good way to test your JS skills. Thanks for the resources Isabel! These links look good for further interview prep beyond assessments.