Finding email addresses for Cold Emailing

Hello Fellows,
Today I ran into my Clearbit limit. This has been hands down the best tool for finding people’s emails and the limit has really slowed me down.

The other tool I have been using is Leadfinder but often times it tells me there is a catch-all setup or it does not find anything so I am left guessing at email via other email checkers.

The cold email seems to be at the core of the job hunt so how are you guys finding the emails you need?

Have you tried making multiple accounts? That could alleviate the bottleneck.

Ya that’s a good tip. I have a few google accounts.

Just a bit of an update. Somehow Clearbit is mapping my IP address or something like that. Even though I am using 2 different gmail accounts its telling me my quota is full. I can get 10 more searches for sharing this and having someone sign up for an account. That seems ok for today but does not solve the issue.

Could a VPN maybe help?

I had a second chrome book and used my wife’s gmail account. That seemed to do the trick. It’s a little annoying shooting the email over via chat but its a quick fix. I’ve been using this tool by and it doesn’t have a limit and works pretty well I would highly recommend this has also worked well for me but it is limited to 50/month.