[Facebook] My Onsite Interview Experience (And Questions Asked)

Hi guys,
It has been a long time, and I thought I shared my onsite interview questions already. Apparently, I did not lol. I interviewed early November, and my position is Research Scientist, Systems and Infrastructure (PhD). I have 4 onsite rounds, I will list all the question and try to map the closest problem on leetcode to my question.

  1. First Round: 2 questions
  1. Second Round: Research discussion
  • This round is more like ninja (behavior + technical). The interviewer asked me about my research, I basically did a quick Dissertation of my thesis. She also asked several behavioral questions in the middle
  • Finish with a technical question, find the frequency of a number. In a sense, same as this problem: Find first and last position of an element in sorted array. I used our famous PathRise binary search template :slight_smile:
  1. Third Round: Technical questions
  • Starts of with a warm up question: Nested List Weight Sum. Used backtrack technique, I was asked about space and time complexity
  • Second problem is the famous problem lol: Trapping Rain Water Quite standard I supposed, I solved it in O(n) time and O(n) space, then improved to O(1) space.
  1. System Design:
  • Implement a feature for facebook new feed that support a public, and friend only view
  • Implement the feature unfriend and add friend.

Overall, I like the interview process. I did make a mistake on the first round, and the interviewer told me to double check on it. The last system and design round was a bit rough, I only studied the Grokking prep for 3 days.
I did get an offer in Boston, MA. I would like to thank Pathrise program, my advisers and my peers for helping me in this process. I would suggest trying all the perk in you could, they are so valuable. In addition, our Pathrise binary search is so good :slight_smile:


Amazing job @huy!!! Congratulations! :tada:

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That’s amazing! I didn’t know we had PhD students in our community! Congratulations on the offer Huy! Amazing!