I’m currently preparing for an on-site interview for a product design interview at Facebook and wanted to check if anyone had any experiences or insights they could share. I’d love to get an insiders opinion on how and what to prepare. Thanks!

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Hey Parv,

I recently visited the Facebook campus to meet two of my design mentors. They told me that when they evaluate candidates they are looking to see that you are good at 2 of the following:

  • Visual (Good UI Practices, Branding, Illustrations)
  • Interaction (Interactive High Fidelity Prototypes made with Origami, )
  • Product Thinking (Smart design decisions & planning)

They also said mentioning that you have front-end engineering experience and dev hand-off experience is a big plus point.

With respect to the portfolio review, one of my mentors said the biggest mistake he said candidates make is boring him with 15 minutes about user research and then showing only 5 minutes of the UI. He said everyone does that and they end up not paying attention after a point. He instead recommended a split of 5 minutes for user research and 7-8 minutes to showcase your prototyping. They really want to see how you iterate over your designs.

The reason they don’t care much about design is because Facebook is a company which ships product fas and they usually have dedicated user researchers. They want someone therefore who can leverage that research to build stunning visuals which remain consistent with their brand. In addition to that, he said that they sometimes design without research and use the usage metrics after the product is deployed to decide what to do next.

Also I highly recommend checking out http://cofolios.com and http://bestfolios.com to see the portfolio of designers at Facebook.

Hope this helps.


Just wanted to confirm that Zoshua’s answer regarding the 2 out of 3 framework is on the dot. FB evaluates design candidates exactly like that.


Thanks a ton guys! This is really helpful. They’ve asked me to prepare a project I’ve shipped but I don’t think it would pass the bar in terms of visual design since it’s from 2015 and from really early in my career. Would you recommend I still present it to show my grasp of product strategy?

When they ask you to showcase a product you have shipped it does not always mean that you need to show a product you coded from scratch yourself. Maybe you can show a product you have built with a tool such as Webflow, Gitbooks, Coda, or any other software.

When it comes to showcasing a product you shipped they usually want to see how you iterated on the feedback you received. I had a similar question in a Microsoft interview where I was asked a question to showcase a project where the initial design received backlash and how I turned the project around after. Unfortunately at that time I had little to no experience and couldn’t answer that extremely well.

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