If Interviewer asks “Do you now or in the future need sponsorship?” What will be a good way to answer this besides saying yes/no.

If you do eventually require some form of sponsorship, you can say yes, but elaborate on your current situation (ie if you have OPT STEM let them know you have X years where you can work without sponsorship). This can really help your case if the company doesn’t actively sponsor candidates. If you’re filling out an online form, I would recommend saying “no” and then elaborating further into the process what your situation is re: OPT or otherwise. The exception is if you immediately need H1-B sponsorship, in which case you should mark “yes” to that question.

Hope this helps!


If you’re applying for an internship you could say “No” as you won’t technically need it for the duration of your internship but do make sure to clarify. If this question is asked in person you can always say “not at the moment” and take it from there.

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