Cold email to recruiter

Should I send a cold email to someone who is working at a company that really excites me, even if there are no current job postings on the company’s website? I don’t want to waste my time or theirs.

Yes! If you are really excited about a company or think that someone might make a great connection regardless, you should send them a cold email. There is a good chance that the company might have a new position opening soon, even if it is not officially posted. If not, the person on the receiving end of the cold email might be able to offer you advice on your current job search through an informational interview or coffee chat. They might even become your friend or mentor. If you leave a good impression, there’s a good chance that they will keep you in mind for future opportunities at their current company or recommend you to another company.

When you write your cold email, you can say something like, “I know that your company does not have any current job postings for [role], but I would be eager to learn more about the company and your role. If a future position opens up and matches my background, I would definitely apply.” Read more about how to write a good cold email on our blog.