Career Fairs -- don't miss them!

Hi fellows!

For those who are in school or seeking entry level positions, career fair season is now upon us!

Why is it important to attend your local career/job/networking fair?

  • Recruiters and engineers who have the power to move you forward in the process attend these events!
  • Companies are often trying to fill up their last interview “slots” available in the spring career season, and often reserve interview spots for those who attend these events
  • Even if companies are no longer hiring, they still attend these events to find people who they can reach out to later in the season/early summer when they inevitably have some drop outs
  • Because of the above, networking strategically at these events can be even more effective than sending out targeted cold emails!

To best prepare, please watch my very short Career Fair presentation and view the slides here. This info is applicable to ANY networking event, even if you are not seeking entry level/new grad roles.

You should also look at your school’s career fair calendar ASAP, mark the date, and start crafting a plan with your career mentor to identify which companies to target.

Feel free to ask any questions here as well!

Happy hunting,
Caitlin + the Pathrise team