Applying without a cover letter

Sometimes I will apply to jobs that I find on LinkedIn or Indeed and not bother to add a cover letter.

I do this because:

  • it’s a job that didn’t appear that interesting (why do I even bother anyways…?)
  • or I don’t think I have much of a chance (but still want to see if I get a response)

Two questions:

  1. Is this even worth my time? (I should probably put that time into jobs that I do want)
  2. Are there any long term detrimental effects to this? (do blacklists exist for “weak applicants”?)
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I have not sent cover letter in the companies where I have been referred and still got interverwied. Because companies like Apple, Google do not necessarily want to know whether you’re excited working for their companies or not. They can gauge that in the interview sessions only. But if you’re applying without referrals then you might need to add one: concise and sweet will do.

I’m not sure about the “Blacklists” but yeah in many companies, especially big-well known companies they will not interview you for 6-12 months. Because they want you to grow and interview then. Because their analytics might have shown that people interviewing before 6-12 months of past failed interview have NOT shown significance improvement. Again we have to play it by ear. So will you get interview: Probably Not. Possibly Yes.

I’ve rarely attached Cover Letters to applications. More often than not, it’s not worth the time/effort. I’d say a better alternative and use of your time than attaching a cover letter would be to cold email someone within the org, with the same info as the cover letter.

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I agree with Chaitanya on this one. Most recruiters do not have time to read a resume, let alone a cover letter. I would only include a cover letter if the field is marked as mandatory and there is no way around it.

On the flip side, use the cold emailing tactics for companies you love and are interested in following up with. I think that approach will produce more results!

Time is money and money is what we want – so spend it wisely! :slight_smile:


But include cover letter if it includes yours portfolio and project password (if résumé doesn’t)

Re “Blacklists”, what Dishant described is not for “weak applicants”, meaning not for those who didn’t attach a cover letter, but rather for weak interviewees. So, to answer Anton’s question about the long-term detrimental effects of not attaching a cover letter, - no, it’s unlikely there are such consequences.