Applications that ask "why [company]?"

Has anyone ever come across an online application that asks “why [company]?”

I’ve always found that question strange considering we talk about it in interviews and also in my cover letter. Is there something I should be focusing on when it comes to that question?

Interested to hear what everyone here does with that question.

Same principles apply pretty much, but because it’s a written answer feel free to ask your career mentor to review your first attempt at an answer for feedback.

I’d say the main difference is that because it’s a written answer you’re generally expected to be more eloquent - so things like the usage of examples, conciseness of statements and having a clear conclusion matter more.

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One other thing to consider is that if applications have the “Why do you want to work here?” question and it’s required, it’s highly unlikely they will read your cover letter in addition to the information you put in there. So it’s a far better use of time to develop a compelling, small paragraph in that section vs writing a whole cover letter for that company.

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Personally, I’ve always tried to talk about how my experience related to the company’s mission and their long-term purpose. It’s very similar to my answer, here. Hope this helps!

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