Amazonians - what was your experience with team matching for new grad?

I recently got an offer to Amazon and one of the things that is striking is how automated the process seems to be this year. I had a virtual 30 min final interview - no onsite.

I know Amazon is hiring like crazy, but what concerns me is the team matching process. In the FAQs Amazon sent with the offer letter, they only mentioned that we would be assigned a team 60 days prior. In the past I know they’ve sent our a survey to assess interests, etc.

So my question/discussion point is:

  1. For anyone who has been offered a job to Amazon, how did the very-automated, impersonal process affect your decision? And are you concerned with team matching?
  2. For any past fellows that currently work at Amazon, how did your team matching go after you accepted your offer and are you happy working at Amazon?

Thank you in advance for any answers or follow-up discussion points. I really appreciate it. Also, if anyone wants to know about my experience interviewing at Amazon, please feel free to DM me.


For me, the recruiter contacted me to see if I am interested in Prime Video work. The interview was quite general but I request them to talk to a lot of people on the Prime Video team. Do you have any specific team that you prefer? I think you can discuss with your recruiter to see if that works out. I interviewed in Seattle this Monday

Hi Han,
I didn’t have the same experience. I applied and interviewed virtually for the SDE New Grad position. It sounds like you had a much more intense interview experience than I did. I think it is because you would join as E5 whereas I would be an L4.

I see, but I still recommend you to discuss with your recruiter. I am still taking to her now to understand more about the position, culture, etc.