Amazon question list for OA

Guys taking Amazon OAs, if you haven’t, make sure to check this out before your test -
Both my OA questions were from this list!


That’s great! Thanks for sharing Ambareesh! :muscle:

Updates. Not only are the OA questions from this, but Amazon sometimes takes a virtual interview (30-45 mins), where they ask you questions on how you solved the questions on OA (say, “could you walk me through you code?”, “why did you use a hashmap? What is the time complexity of your solution?” “Could you tell me a better solution for optimising space?” etc etc) So go through the discussions in the above list as well! Most of them are linked back to similar questions on LC! Most are LC Medium/LC Easy!

I got the critical routers one lol, and it was rough. I still do not know how I made it to onsite with my solution that did not pass all test cases.