Amazon - Final Interviews (2020 Software Development Engineer)

Is anyone else invited for these final interviews with Amazon?

I do not mean to brag, but I finally made my reservation for these three virtual interviews I’ll be having with them as part of my application for the 2020 Software Development Engineer position. I’ve set them for December 10.

I must work with my advisors on these behavior and technical questions, build on my understanding of data structures, algorithms, design, and basic coding skills, test myself, and make sure I am able to answer the behavior questions appropriately and professionally. In other words, I need to be totally systematic about it.

These three interviews are 45 minutes long, and I have 15 minute breaks between them.

Is there anything else I should do as I go along?

EDIT: Based on the original job posting:
on being hired, I think the product I would be working on is nothing else than Amazon Web Services.

I’ve reviewed my answers to the common behavior questions here, and I think a whole ton of answers need to be improved. In fact, I think I got some answers here that are definitely big no-no’s.

(EDIT: Be careful not to edit this file. It’s meant for my advisors.)

Anyone would like to pitch in on how I should answer some behavior questions the interviewers will be asking me? I really need to focus on preparing for them.

Make sure to set permission to anyone when you share via Google Drive. I got the SDE1 full-time offer more than a month ago so I might be able to give you some insight.

Each round the interview starts with a behavioral question that’s related to one of the leadership principles, if your answer is not too correlated to the LPs, the interviewer will ask follow up or clarification questions to guide you to hit the LPs. Make sure you know which LPs the interviewer are looking for so they can write positive feedback on the report. Behavioral questions usually take 5-10 minutes. The interviewers won’t ask too many follow up questions which takes up your coding question time. Then you’ll have one coding question for SDE1 each round. The questions are usually leetcode easy - medium, which are much easier the OA, but you want to come up with an optimal solution in say 30 seconds to 2 minutes at most, in terms of time and space complexity. If you can solve many leetcode medium questions in 20 minutes you should be fine. Try to give complexity analysis before coding and get consent from the interviewer so you can be sure it’s an optimal solution. They also want you to code it cleanly and readable. After you solve the question in 10-15 minutes, they’ll give you more requirements, and you’ll have to modify the solution. Or they may ask you how will you write tests for the program, you’ll need to write the tests in an organized way, try to wrap it in a function, and make sure to come up with as many edge cases as possible. Finally you will have 5 minutes to ask the interviewer questions. Give context and be specific about your questions, this way you can demonstrate you are a logical person who has clear thoughts and is good at communication.

Hope this helps.


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